How to Incorporate Gorgeous Winter Florals into Your Wedding

The beauty of the winter landscape sets the stage for cozy celebrations warmed by crackling fires, steaming mugs of cocoa, and rich, lush winter floral arrangements.

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As an experienced florist in Camden NJ, we have had the pleasure of providing flowers for countless weddings over the years. And while summer weddings bursting with vibrant blooms get a lot of attention, winter weddings have a magic all their own. The beauty of the winter landscape sets the stage for cozy celebrations warmed by crackling fires, steaming mugs of cocoa, and rich, lush winter floral arrangements.

But how do you translate the beauty of the colder months into your wedding flowers? We are here to share professional florist tips so you can make the most of winter flower delivery in NJ for your special day.

Look to Seasonal Blooms

Brides sometimes worry that choosing a winter wedding date means missing out on beautiful flowers. While it's true that wintertime means saying goodbye to spring and summer blooms like peonies and roses, the colder months offer their own special selection of flowers. Rather than trying to emulate warmer-season arrangements, embrace what winter has to offer!

Flowers that thrive in colder temperatures include ranunculus, anemones, hellebores, amaryllis, sweet peas, freesia, stocks, flowering branches, and forced bulbs like tulips and hyacinths. Talk with your wedding flower shops in Camden NJ about what will be fresh and seasonal when you say, “I do." The possibilities might surprise you!

Think Beyond Bud Vases

When you imagine winter wedding flowers, you may picture classic white blooms in bud vases. And while there’s nothing wrong with that look, winter’s natural beauty lends itself to far more creative presentations. Think outside the vase by working with your florist to incorporate blooms into ceremonial wreaths, lush garlands, or organic-looking floral installations.

Or break from convention entirely by carrying a winter wedding bouquet with fruits, feathers, or other foraged elements. Your wedding flowers offer so many possibilities – don’t limit yourself to expected arrangements.

Play with Texture

Some winter blooms like amaryllis and ranunculus offer gorgeous pops of color, but much of the season’s botanicals are more muted. Lean into this! Foliage, branches, dried elements, and a generally soft color palette help your floral displays feel cozy and romantic rather than stark.

In addition to muted hues, focus on variation in texture. Mix ultra-smooth orchid blooms with fuzzy lamb’s ears and the bubbles of flowering kale. Blend gnarled branches, spiked berries, and feathery dried grass. This keeps winter floral arrangements visually interesting while harmonizing with the natural winter landscape.

Incorporate Seasonal Color Palettes

Speaking of the winter landscape, draw inspiration from the environment around you to build a complementary floral color palette. Wintery whites, frosty blues and silvers, deep forest greens, and warming metallics like copper and gold all help arrangements feel connected to the colder months. Accented with ruby reds, champagne pinks, or inky purples for some dimension.

Create a swatch board with fabric scraps, ribbons, and paper in your preferred colors. Share this with your wedding florist to help communicate the shades you hope to incorporate through blooms and botanicals. This helps align your vision while still allowing room for the florist’s creativity in arranging seasonal stems.

Allow Plenty of Planning Time

As you plan your winter wedding, connect with florists as early as possible—ideally 12 months prior if you can. While flower-growing technologies now allow blooms to be available year-round, some varieties in high demand still require ordering well in advance, especially for popular wedding dates.

Booking early ensures you get the first choice of flowers available during your preferred wedding month. It also gives your florist more lead time to source special stems should specific blooms be important to your vision.

Don’t wait until the last minute for winter wedding flowers! Consult a professional Columbus florist like The Creations by Jenn in your local area to incorporate seasonal botanicals into your special day.

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